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  The Smoke Shop -  Lighters, Humidors, and more

Giant Shot Shell Lighter

This table lighter is 7 inches all and will get noticed anywhere you put it.  

  20888 - Shot Shell Lighter  - $14.95


Brown Lab Zippo Lighter

Having owned at one time a great Lab and hunting  
companion, I had to include this lighter.  I think you will 
agree, it is handsome.

  21091 - Brown Lab Zippo  - $31.00

American Eagle Zippo Lighter

Here in full color is the United States Eagle and what a beautiful reproduction.  This is a lighter you will cherish.

  24082 - American Eagle Zippo  - $38.00

Remington Lighters

The famous Zippo folks have made some beautiful Remington lighters – great for camping, lighting your pipe, or if you still smoke cigarettes, these will do the job faithfully and in the wind. One model is even available in Camouflage finish. Would make a great gift for the hunter, shooter, or camper.

Remington Lighter

   21133  - Remington Lighter - $37.95

Remington Camo Lighter

  20964  - Remington Camo Lighter - $28.50




Multi Purpose Lighter

Zippo’s new OUL all purpose lighter is truly an exceptional tool for the home, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and just what a hunter or fisherman would like. It has everything with its wind-resistant, dual flame, water-resistant cap, rugged metal construction and built-in LED light. The Zippo outdoor utility lighter is truly a winner. In the backyard it’s perfect for lighting torches, lanterns, bonfires and grills. What a great working tool.

  121375  - Multi Purpose Lighter - $35.95




Shot Shell Cigarette Lighter

Here is an outstanding little cigarette lighter shaped like a shotgun shell. It is refillable. When you light your pipe at your outdoor sportsman’s club, everyone will ask, "Hey, where’d you get that?"

  SSL25 - Shot Shell Lighter - $13.95

Bullet Cigarette Lighter

This has the shape and appearance of a .44 caliber cartridge. Looks like the real thing and will be admired by your sportsmen friends.

  BL25  - Bullet  Lighter  - $13.95

Shotgun Shell Humidors

Go anywhere, anytime and arrive with fresh, undamaged cigars. This beautiful humidor puts you in control of freshness. It is 100% aluminum, shaped like a shotgun shell, with a Spanish cedar lining, and features a threaded humidor element inside the cap to keep the cigars fresh.


Green. Holds 7 cigars.    
  301VGSS  -  $52.50

Red. Holds 7 cigars.
301VRSS  - $62.50

Black. Holds 7 cigars (not shown). 
301VBSS  -  $52.50

Yellow. Holds 5-6 cigars.
251VYSS  -  $49.95

Black. Holds 5-6 cigars.
251VBSS  -  $49.95 

Stag Cigar Cutter

Once again from Italy, is this Sterling Silver Stag head hand cast and attached to a section of Stag horn. A cigar cutter that you’d be proud to own. Quality, quality.

   410 - Cigar Cutter     $580.00


Cigar Humidor

Here is a desktop humidor.  Made from Cherry and is Cedar lined. Contains a dial showing humidity and the unit that puts a slight bit of moisture in the case. On the top is the shell head or cartridge head, along with a shiny base plate that you can have engraved and is easily attached to the box. It’s fantastic!  8" x 12" x 3".

  103512 - Humidor - 12 Gauge           $89.95

  103544 - Humidor - 44 Magnum       $89.95

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