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American Flag Pen - by Fisher

Write under water, over grease, in extreme temperatures and up-side-down.  Developed for NASA, used on all manned space flights. 

    AFPS - $22.50


.375 Cartridge Pen

Now in nickel, steel and copper.  Sure is handsome! Comes in a gift box. 

    375NS - $41.50


.375 H & H Mag Space Pen

This beautiful Rifle Cartridge Pen as all the newest features in a ball point.  The ink cartridge is sealed and pressurized.  It will write at temps from -30ºF to 250º.  It's efficient under water, at any angle and even upside down.  This is the unit used by NASA who tested them for 18 months.  Guaranteed and long life. Refills are available from the factory or your local office supply store.

    FSPI - $26.50

Something new from S & W.  Great tactical pens, 5.7" long and 1.4 oz in weight.  They are machined from 606 aircraft aluminum. Designed for self protection.  The pointed end is also great to find those small letters on your cell phone or Blackberry.  Remove the cap for use of the pen.  Uses a standard Parker refill, available at your office supply store.  The Smith & Wesson logo is on the clasp.

Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens

 - Black
SWPENBK - $39.95 

 - Blue
SWPENBL - $39.95 

  - Gold
SWPENGL - $39.95 

Colt Marksman’s Pen

Here is an absolutely beautiful fountain pen constructed from two 308 cartridge cases and bearing the wonderful Colt emblem – a masterpiece, so if someone asks to borrow your pen, make sure you ask for it back. Quality, quality.

  CAP206 - $74.95


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