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  Miscellaneous Items 

Winchester Small Waste Basket

Just the right size for collecting small items on your desk. Only 9-1/2" tall x 8" wide.  

    W1215 - Winchester Wastebasket -  $29.95


Winchester Playing Cards

You have to see these to believe!  The detail - each card has a reproduction of Winchester advertising art.  52 of them.  They are great!  ** Two decks       

  W1450 - Winchester Cards -(2-packs)  $6.95


Winchester Mailbox

Nothing says "sportsman" like a Winchester Shotshell mailbox!!  Designed with the famous Winchester "Super-X" and "AA" shotshell logo artwork.  These mailboxes feature weather resistant paint and electroplated metal construction to provide years of eye-catching service.  26" x 8.5", designed to fit on standard 2" x 4" or 4" x 4" post.  

    W1000 - Winchester Mailbox -  $120.50




Winchester LED Candle

What a great gift candle. Flickers and glows like a real candle but is SAFE and long lasting.  3.5" x 8" tall.  

    W1300 - $16.95


Shot Shell Lights

Decorative light string with REAL shot shells...not reproductions!  8 ft long.  Select from 20 or 30 lite set.

   4310 - 20 lite -  $22.50

   4310R35 - 30 lite -  $29.50



Winchester Dog Collars

What a cute little collar !  If you own a Winchester firearm, your dog, and hunting companion, would sure love to have one of these.  Collars come with a brass tag, one side is ready for engraving and the other looks just like a shotshell head. 


Small -16" WDC1
Medium - 19" WDC2
Large - 22" WDC3
Extra Large - 25" WDC4


4 foot WDL12
6 foot WDL14

Winchester Serving Tray

Will you look at this - an absolutely beautiful tray that will come in handy when you’re outside barbecuing. The Winchester horse and rider emblem is in great detail. This is really pretty enough to hang on the wall.

  4-77 - Winchester Tray - $69.95


Smith & Wesson Tactical Pens

 - Black
SWPENBK - $39.95 

 - Blue
SWPENBL - $39.95 

  - Gold
SWPENGL - $39.95 

Something new from S & W.  Great tactical pens, 5.7" long and 1.4 oz in weight.  They are machined from 606 aircraft aluminum. Designed for self protection.  The pointed end is also great to find those small letters on your cell phone or Blackberry.  Remove the cap for use of the pen.  Uses a standard Parker refill, available at your office supply store.  The Smith & Wesson logo is on the clasp.


Golf Putters

Here is something for those of you who like to hunt, fish and play golf.  The clubs have a head depicting a fish or red shot shell that are beautifully reproduced in miniature. What a great way to bring a smile to your golf partners face when you pull this from your bag.  Beautifully made with chrome rods and leather grip.  You will have a lot of fun with these and they work?  

    1561 - Trout Putter - $36.50  
    1565 - Bass Putter - $36.50    
    1564 - Shot Shell Putter - $36.50  


Showman Shooter - Depicting the Life of the World's Greatest Shot - Herb Parsons

Of all the new products we are introducing this year, this is a must. Many of you have purchased the Herb Parsons VHS and DVD and many of you actually got to see Herb shoot in person.  What a wonderful tribute to a great man.  Hundreds of photos, memos and copies of letters from his friends.  Believe me, it is great reading.  Why, it even has my picture on page 398, if you can find me.  A great history of a great man.  479 pages.

    HP1 - $42.50


Showman Shooter – VHS 

Some of you remember Herb Parsons, one of the world’s greatest shots, who traveled the country putting on demonstrations that were absolutely fantastic, as it allowed you to see Herb’s smooth handling of Winchester’s rifles and shotguns. This film was professionally done back in the 1950s and will give you a most enjoyable experience. (VHS not pictured)

  HP 1 - Herb Parsons VHS Tape - $24.95   

Colt Dragoon Revolver

Greeting Cards

Did you ever want something a little different to write a Thank You note or Birthday greeting? This picture of a third model Dragoon is outstanding in detail. It has George Washington pictured on the cylinder, crossed flags, an American eagle, many gold inlays, and engraving done by Gustave Young. The actual gun resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When you lift the front, there’s plenty of room for your message and the card resides in a gold foil envelope. Five cards to a packet. 12 1⁄2" x 4"

  CDR1 - $18.50


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