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The Winchester Lockback

What a great new Winchester Pocket Knife.  The logo is lasered into the wood and on the blade.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14090 - $68.50


S & W Texas Ranger Folding Knife

Anyone who sees the superb quality of this masterpiece is amazed at its low price. The blade contains the Texas Ranger emblem, along with the Smith & Wesson name. Quality, quality! Blade is 3 inches in length .

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  19626 - $98.50


Winchester Bowie Knife

Here is an outstanding value in a Bowie Knife. This beautiful knife is 14 5/8" in length and produced from high carbon 400 grade stainless steel. Polished to a mirror finish, the blade is 9 Ĺ" long with full tong construction and hand-honed to razor sharpness. It comes with a heavy-duty black nylon sheath with safety snap, embroidered with the Winchester horse and rider logo. 

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  W14030 - $36.95


Beretta Stag Bird Knife

Rugged stag horn handled bird knife. A trusty tool that you will carry for many many years. The 440C steel 3" drop point blade holds its edge, while the bird hook is indispensable for field dressing. Silver bolsters and the Beretta trident logo. Nylon belt sheath. Made in Italy.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  JK303B02 - $129.95

Smith & Wesson Bowie Knife

Here is an exceptionally nice bowie knife. It has inscribed on the blade Smith & Wesson and the Texas Ranger shield. Comes in a beautiful case and will probably be the centerpiece of your knife collection.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  TXRBB - $72.50

Colt Knife

Here is an everyday folding knife in a beautiful leather case. The Colt medallion is inlaid in the Rosewood handle. This is a knife any sportsman would be proud to carry.

button.jpg (3743 bytes) 
CT0016 -  $47.00




Smith & Wesson First Response Knife

Widely considered a highly effective emergency tool, this knife features a 1/8" thick high-carbon stainless steel serrated blade with screwdriver tip, easy-grip handle, solid tungsten carbide striker-punch and spring-loaded trigger for high impact. Blade easily cuts thick seat belts. Includes a nylon carrying case with belt loop and clip. Length: 8" open, 4.5" closed. One of our most popular items! Designed by Blackie Collins. Made in USA.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  19519 - $49.50


Winchester Hook Blade Knife

Hereís a knife that is ideal for skinning, with its gut hook design, and fits the hand beautifully with non-slip rubberized handle. The blade is 400-grade stainless steel with a satin finish, embossed with Winchesterís logo. It comes with a nylon Cordura belt sheath for safe carrying.

button.jpg (3743 bytes) 
W4014001 - $36.50 

Winchester Ax Saw Combo

Going on a camping or hunting trip? Here is the perfect item to carry along. This little hatchet will take care of all your campfire needs. In addition to the hatchet is a dual cut saw with a composite handle. The hatchet is forged steel and both units can be easily stored and carried in a heavy-duty nylon sheath, which fits easily on oneís belt. They carry the Winchester logo, along with the Winchester lifetime warranty.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  W4014029 - $34.95

Smith & Wesson Hatchet and Knife

What could be better on a hunting trip or even out camping than this beautiful hatchet and knife combination? The hatchet is 10 1/2" long and the knife is 9 1/2". Made of hammer forged surgical steel. It also has a great case and is engraved with Smith & Wessonís name and logo on the blades.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  19604 -  $44.95

Winchester Shotgun Shell Knife

Here you have one of the most collectible names - Winchester - featured on a shotgun shell knife that is beautifully made. A hot collectorís item and a joy to own. Available in Red, Black and Blue. Yellow not available. 

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  W301295 - $17.95

Winchester Filet Knife Combo

For the fisherman, here is the finest of the knives you need for filleting large Bass and Pike, or boning and filleting a smaller fish. Both come with their own individual plastic sheath and feature comfort grip handles. This is a special, special value.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14062 - $19.95

Kershaw Shot Shell Knife

Over the years, we have sold many shot shell knives but here is an upgrade for the person who desires high-quality and more than one blade. This beautiful shot shell has polished brass bolster and Rosewood. Itís a screw driver, file blade along with a 2" knife blade. A hunter or shooter would be proud to own this one.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  12GAD - $49.95

30-06 Knife

The Rifle Cartridge is an exact copy of a 30-06, but hidden inside is a knife blade. The base says 30-06 spring and the Bullet is even copper clad. Closed length: 3-3/16". Blade length: 1-3/4".

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  UC0864 - 30-06 Knife - $21.50

44 Magnum Knife

The Pistol Cartridge is a 44 Magnum and looks like the real thing. Closed length: 1-5/8". Blade length: 1-1/8".

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  UC0865 - 44 Magnum Knife - $21.50

Smith & Wesson Collectors Knife

This is a beautiful folding knife bearing the Smith & Wesson name engraved in a replica cartridge on the side. Then, the knife is placed in a large pistol cartridge box which is a thing of beauty. What a great gift this would make as it is extremely unique and a great addition to a collection.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  CK500 - S & W Collectors Knife - $44.50

Winchester Hunterís Field Dressing Kit

Just what you need when your marksmanship is perfect and youíre a proud hunter with a wonderful new trophy and meat. This hunterís field dressing kit has all the implements necessary for butchering big game in the great outdoors. It contains a butcher and box knife, a cleaver for chopping through small bones and cartilage, a folding bone knife, and a sharpening steel to maintain razor sharpness. Also included is a wood saw blade that easily attaches to the box saw handle, and three pairs of latex surgical gloves and plastic bags to pack meat and organs, plus 8 ft. of nylon rope for hanging or dragging your priceless game. All of these items are enclosed in an embroidered nylon carrying case. This is the buy of a lifetime for the sportsman.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14050 - Winchester Field Kit - $62.50

Winchester Hunterís Fanny Pack

Everything a hunter needs for field dressing game in an easy carry hip pack. Set includes the following tools for field dressing both large
and small game: large cleaver; sharp utility shears; fixed blade hunting knife; stainless steel gut hook knife; blade sharpener; large safety pin for tagging game; and an assortment of plastic bags and gloves. All pieces fit comfortably in the heavy-duty nylon embroidered pack, which can be worn around the waist or over your shoulder.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14058 - Winchester Fanny Pack-$43.50


Winchester Cutlery Set

Here is an opportunity to obtain some beautiful Winchester, American-made knives for camping or for your kitchen. Includes all the knives you need for your next outing or picnic. Set comes complete with 8" Carving Knife, 8" Chefís Knife, 5" Boning Knife, 5" Utility Knife, and 3" Paring Knife. A 12" Cutting Board is included. All pieces are stored in a heavy-duty embroidered nylon case.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14056 - Winchester Cutlery Set-$32.50


Winchester Camperís Kit

This is the only kit you will need for your next camping trip. A complete assortment of cooking utensils, along with four sets of tableware. All pieces are manufactured using 400-grade stainless steel, and the blades are hand honed to a razorís edge. All pieces fit in a heavy-duty nylon embroidered bag for easy carrying or storage.

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  14060 - Camper's Kit - $80.50


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